Thumrait the desert city with a hot and dry climate is about 80 km in the north of Salalah it was called (Medwy). In the past thumreet acquired  its importance as being the assembly center for the caravans heading to other wilayats of the governorate  of  Dhofar.

Administratively thumrait  is part of the governorate of dhofar. It consest of  (shaser, modhay, haloof, Msheilh dhabon,qatbeet center)

Historical and Archeological Site in Wilaya of Thumreet:

The archeological site in thumrait are so distinguished specialy in shaser where the discovering of obar city was confirmed by the studies. The city was a trade centre for the assembly of frankeinces. Beside other sites which are also believed to be an assmply sites. In modhay they discover islamic archeology, waterspring. The archeology shows in hanoon, shaser, madhay the existence of old civilization helped in refreshing the economical activities  in the deseret. This matter And make it an important link between the south and north in the Arabian Peninsula.

Shaser site / obar

The archaeological surveys carried out in the beginning of the nineties in  Shaser revealed the existence of a city with an ancient civilization believed to be  a meeting point of trade  between the Arabian Peninsula and Mesopotamia and the ancient world. The discovered city is called obar which was mentioned in many books and maps. in 1992 to 1995 the  archaeological missions with the National Archaeological committee  in the Sultanate started a survey on this site. Through which they discovered a huge pillars, towers, relics of metals and pottery, coins, and other objects were also found on the archaeological discoveries dating back to different periods of the Islamic era.

Natural Sites in Thumrait:

Hanoon Area

The frankincense assembly area from the neighboring valleys, which produces the best types. It is registered as  natural reserve for frankincense  trees in the List of World Heritage sites.

Dhoka Vally

Located in the northern slopes of the mountain range of Dhofar, 350 kilometers  away from the city. It  is a model area for the  frankincense tree and the most important site of production. There are studies conducted to development of the valley of Dukkah to keep the frankincense tree in its natural home.

Handcrafts, Industry and Folklore in :

the most important traditional crafts is grazing, animal keeping,  extract of  frankincense, while the  industries are spinning wool weaving, tents, leather industries). like other States  the most famous folklore inherited  through the generations are  (Alhbot, Zamil, Altgrud, al tasmee',al horiya, LuaLua)

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